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Abayomi Habib

This is London

How long will london remain a famished country where houses are damcing like a city, This morning,the moon had become an oddysey of being famous, Things have fallen apart and the sweet girl of london was asking for childrens, This is london , Can we drink our beer and cry the anarchy of our beautiful life, when will sarah become a household name, How will the women of cambridge drink their beer. Abayomi Habib,Lagos.

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Goodbye London


I hear the whispers of London in my ears,
London! London! is how the birds sing,
oh, i love the english bus ride and the ancient buildings,
where the trees and the animals can stop dancing,
If men where horses, hopes will vanish in wheelchair,
Oh, I feel like enjoying in the queens empire of riches,
where the love the love of english beer won't stop flowing in my lips,
I know why I still dreams of cheese and the humpty-dumpty children will fly like wizards,
Oh, I remember the window of gossips of the old women,
I know why the london bridge wears a crown,
Oh, I never want to say goodbye to the land of the colonies,
where the beauty of flowers can stop milking,
where the voice of flute can stop roaring into the air,
where everyones fall in love with the empires,
And if you're searching for the crystal ball of snow,
London is where honey 's clock keep alarming,
Goodbye london of the Amazones of green light.

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