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Camelia Oprița

Wandering off

We are like wandering mines in the mirror of the waters,
preparat to hitts mercilessly hims who opens our door.
We kill love, saving our pride,
we bury the truth and cultivate the lie.
Returning from wandering, we bow with eyes weeping in appearance,
digging with our hunger for the truth.

poem by Camelia Oprița (27 November 2007), translated by Camelia OpriţaReport problemRelated quotes
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May 1, 2020, International Labor Day during the coronavirus, the largest teletransformation experiment in the world of work, a test that, if it works, will change man's destiny forever.
People need to work where they want to get good results, both in the office and in the family.
Work helps you lead a happy life close to the people you love.

Camelia OprițaReport problemRelated quotes
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Look at the sunrise and sunset as a spectacle of the ephemeral, as a scene where people climb noisily and pass silently into oblivion, a spectacle in which colors are born and die in the frenzy of the sun.
Look at the sunrise and sunset as a spectacle of heaven as long as you are in time, combining the beauty within you with perfect sincerity in your relationship with God.

Camelia Oprița in from the book The wall of thoughts (2020)Report problemRelated quotes
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In order to live in close connection with God, we must learn something about the Light, from the sin that takes us away from the divine presence, so we will perceive more His Miracle, which is called life with the root of the sun.
Jesus is the Sun, the Son of the Lord, the Light of the world, the Savior reborn from the Glory of God, who came to protect us from the evil works of darkness.

Camelia Oprița in At the gates of the universe (2017)Report problemRelated quotes
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At Drăgăşani, the sunrise shows a strong light, a white-gold light, bright as the face of a baby reconciled by invisible angels, a young light that is fulfilled to the zenith.After noon the descent begins, the light bakes, slowly acquires the celestial brass until full browning, dies little by little in the twilight… the spectacle of twilight leaves you speechless, watching the last strand of starry copper fall into the darkness, the sunset accumulates all the peace of fire that renders a color that could never be imitated by something or someone, the sunset urges the eyes to a gentle melancholy of all living things until the end of any stress accumulated during the day.

Camelia Oprița in The word opens the human mind - Saint Nicholas Publishing HouseReport problemRelated quotes
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