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Arrigo Boito

When I saw you I fell in love. And you smiled because you knew.

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I'm the Spirit that denies
All things, always, stars or flowers.
That by sneers and strife supplies
Cause to vex the Heavenly power.
I'm for chaos; as for creation
ruin and universal plague!
My very life and being! My very life and breath!
Is what here they call transgression, sin and death!
Shouting and laughing out this word I offer:
spitting, roaring, hissing, on I go,
slandering, soiling, wasting, howling.
On I go whistling, whistling, whistling and whistling!
I am of that demeanor!

I hide in obscurity,
a child of darkness and ambition.
Shadows, hiding, wait for me.
If the light usurps, contending,
on my rebel specters right.
Not prolonged will be the fight!

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Added by Simona Enache
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