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Camelia Oprița

Camellia is not only known in the novel by Alexandre Dumas' son ("La Dame aux camélias"), but is also found in some of the prestigious costumes of Mrs. Coco Chanel.

The camellia flower is a symbol of grace, beauty and devotion. If it is white, it means esteem and admiration. If it's pink, love and hope.
Do you know what the red camellia means in the language of flowers?
"She is the most beautiful."
Yes, you are the most beautiful, Camelia!

Camelia Oprița in Good morning, Camelia! (2002)Report problemRelated quotes
Added by Alberto Casiraghy
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At Drăgăşani, the sunrise shows a strong light, a white-gold light, bright as the face of a baby reconciled by invisible angels, a young light that is fulfilled to the zenith.After noon the descent begins, the light bakes, slowly acquires the celestial brass until full browning, dies little by little in the twilight… the spectacle of twilight leaves you speechless, watching the last strand of starry copper fall into the darkness, the sunset accumulates all the peace of fire that renders a color that could never be imitated by something or someone, the sunset urges the eyes to a gentle melancholy of all living things until the end of any stress accumulated during the day.

Camelia Oprița in The word opens the human mind - Saint Nicholas Publishing HouseReport problemRelated quotes
Added by Alexander
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I look at Rome; She has nearly three thousand years of civilization, but she flows as if she were new, looking as young and carefree as water when she makes water. A city where art and culture predominate more than anything else.
Overall, Rome is a mysterious city. The ancient ruins on the one hand suggest the glory of the Roman Empire, on the other they strike the opulence and grandeur of the Baroque buildings. And last but not least, be captivated by the speed and crazy rhythms of today's civilization translated into the huge number of tourists in the city, flooded with people, cameras and souvenirs. Everyone chooses his Rome, be it imperial, baroque or modern. But for everyone the city, once the center of the world, is a real historical symbol.

Camelia Oprița in book Wall of thoughts (We look for the past to invent the future) (2000)Report problemRelated quotes
Added by Livius Ciocarlie
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