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tHeNameLeSs23drea Andrea Rivera

WoULd YoU CaRE iF i.....

i look at myself, falling apart, such a mess
so when I cry out of distress
don’t act like your deaf
would you care if I left?
would you care if I died?
would you care if you seen all the tears I have cried?
so if u see me today and not tomorrow
don’t feel sorrow
cuz even if I burn in hell
id be better off, so oh well….
but i ask you this
what will you miss?
what will reminded you of me?
a photo? Something you see?
a special lyric?
so lets hear it…
it just may be the only thing left behind
it will have to do, cuz, I cant handle this im going out of my f-cking mind

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