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alex vincent Brianna mowry


Depression makes me what I am, who I am.
Nothing can change that.
Depression is my weakness.
I am weak.
The blood that runs through my veins are black.
My heart that was once whole filled with love is now consumed with depression is now shattered an now is forever forgotten.
The life that once filled me is dead.
I wish this was just a nightmare but somewhere deep down I know I am never going to wake up.
The Christ is who hears me, the devil is who haunts me.
If you see me smile just remember it is fake.
If you looked in my eyes you would see the pain and the lost that I feel.
I know I can never be happy again but I have lived with this for so long I can finally accept it, or I try to make myself believe that.
There's no going back now depression is what I am an who I will forever be.

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