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Zoby Cristal

Confession / Take Me Back

Its May 1st, this day would be our anniversary
Thanks to me its nothing, but a memory
Our relationship lays broken
Due to words left unspoken

When i told you i loved you, i meant it 
Its true
But if i did i wouldn't have done the things i do
You set it clear and straight
Told me i was the batter and that i was up to the plate
Its like a regular game, three strikes you're out
But i wasn't about it, i wasn't going to take that route

I have a confession 
Its been killing me to say
It wasn't just twice, a couple times in a way
I knew it wasn't right, but the lust took over
I tried to stop, but it was like i was a controller
Each time it happened i felt remorse
I didn't want it to happen, i didn't want it anymore

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