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Yassar Ali

Seconds to Go

If today was going to be your last day
What would someone like you do and say?
Would you spend your day with family and friends?
Putting the past behind and making amends
Talking to each of them like never before
Whilst the angel of death waits at the door
Would you shake hands with your enemy?
Telling them it’s your fault and that you’re sorry
Would they accept your apology or decline?
Blatantly refusing and pulling out the nine
Would you spend your last day in silence?
Watching the deaths due to the senseless violence
Men killing due to the colour of ones skin
Passing on bitter hatred to the next of kin
Would you spend your last day trying to preach?
Finding the deaf, dumb and blind to teach
Showing them that life isn’t about disbelief
Guiding the people towards the holy road to relief
Would you spend your day before a higher entity?
With the call for prayer you’ll listen intently

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