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Wini Jose

Life Is Nothing But A Race

Tears roll down my cheeks,
I've been crying for years, months and weeks.
I look at my sad face,
Just to realize that life is nothing but a race.
Money talks everything and everyone needs it,
They don't know the value of human care, not even a bit.
Justice is denied to the poor everywhere,
Who will know their needs, who will care.
When I try to speak their needs,
They pluck me off from there like weeds.
But even if they burn me in the fire of hell,
And even if they leave me hungry deep in a well,
I will always speak for truth and justice,
And my duty to the poor, I shall never miss.
For, I am like a baby deer in the forest,
The lion catches me and leaves the rest.
For I was innocent and stayed there alone,
Not moving a bit, still like a stone.
But when I lost my courage and tried to run and flee,
No one was there to help me.

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