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Wanda Askew Scott

Deep Down Inside

Deep down inside hidden within
hides the pain of my soul, dark memories from back then
so fresh in my heart they seem never to leave me alone
and just when i think happiness is mine, pain reminds me its not gone
in the windows of my soul, pain sits near
leaking out every now and then in the form of a innocent tear
the pain behind the tear is far greater than the little water that slides down my face
its the origin that holds the pain, reality that fills the space
for my tears never reveal the pain in my cry
and happiness is all thats seen to the naked eye
never letting anyone truly understand the reason behind tears rain
for they always hear the story, not once seeing the pain
as if it could be understood, the reason for hearts cry
for my mind has already concluded reality as being the reason why
in all my pain and struggles ive never been able to stop time
ive only allowed pain to pile giving it permission to forever be mine
but the windows of my pain tell a truth, that even i sometimes cant see
all the pain and struggles that ive swallowed through the years has made a warrior out of me
for i am a ball of strength, only revealing a smile
and wisdom has led me to believe throughout the years its strength and not pain that has continued to pile

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