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Vinod Guhaprasad

I Return...

As I walk thru the lonely lanes,
Amongst paddies and rivers and canes,
With shower of kisses in billions,
The mother parting a few in millions.
Ye needeth, for the flurry to destiny, scripts,
Those cherished moments that time cant buy.

Crawling n brawling with innocent smile
To aping and limping in custody of guile
With dare n care unknown in style,
Surrendered thyself in destiny fragile.

Tiny droplets quivering to shine,
Reflecting the colors of rainbow in line,
Rejuvenating thoughts of yesteryear in while,
That carries the soul in wetness of Nile.

The solitary soldier fighting time,
Remembering the tune of childhood chime,
To compare the life of artificial mime,

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