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Vanessa Elizabeth Giron

Just Be You 2/13/10

Some people do it to be popular,
Some people do it for closure,
I for one am not a fan of change,
It forces you to act strange and rearrange,
Sue me,
Tell me I’m not a proper member of society,
But someone has to stand up and stop this monstrosity,
Why change yourself,
something that is so unique,
just to be poplular and chic,
your personality has taken a life time to build,
don’t change it for the public,
just put up a shield,
I hate when people change so they can be disguised,
But you should just let the world see you for yourself,
Please just realize,
You don’t have to cover up your true self,
Don’t be afraid,
Especially by people who have your integrity caged,

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