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Urvashi Gautam

Africa-The Rainbow Continent

Welcome to Africa to get peaceful pleasure,
Here I shall open the box of African treasure.

Africa is a blend of everything,
This safari I promise will surely be pleasing.
This rainbow continent has countries significant,
Even its geographical features are magnificent.

From Kilimanjaro the mountain hard to reach,
To the endless Nile whose infinity is difficult to seek
Sahara, the largest desert on the globe where the heat is scorching,
With ancient pyramids of Egypt makes the continentmore promising.

With more than 50 countries, Africa is exquisite
It will be a miracle that all of these i get to visit.
The numerous languages spoken there give an indegenous feeling,
These miscellaneous dialects have their own expressions and meaning.

The festivals celebrated there are colourful and jubilant,
With their attire that reflects a culture that is radiant.

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