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Tessa Marsland Pettigrove

Over it all

I wonder what is going on,
everyone is screaming because they are spoilt.
I am in massive pain right through me,
No one seems to care or show mw any sympathy.
How can everyone expect me to listen to their bullshit when no one listens to mine.
I know everyone is not perfect and stuff,
but why is it always me who seems to be taking the blame for things I didn't do
so I could go somewhere on the weekend.
I am another Cinderella and my family don't care.
I come on here everyday to new message of people who actually show concern,
that is sad that my family cannot even show that to me.
They worry about themselves and no one else.
The one person that truly cares I barely ever see.
It makes things hard in this world and no one feels the same.
I feel so drained.
This does not seem like a poem because of not many rhymes but I know many more crimes.
Someone please notice me,
I pushed my family a way,
well they pushed me away from them by all that they have done.
They hurt me,

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