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Teal Sky

My friend, I Should Have Said

He dragged me with him all the way,
and held my hand meticulously to make me stay,
and to appear like he has forgotten that he will never be alone,
but I knew that my place was his house, and his my home.

So much similar, like almost same,
with the difference of just a name,
we played soccer in the alleys as we grew,
the matches we won were less than a few.

Nevertheless, we never played for victory,
for the victories were so queer in our history,
since we helped each other, in sorrow, in pain,
like we wanted to be like this, in havoc or in gain.

But the life wreaked havoc, I cried and paid,
the price of my chum, but the decision was made,
you will have to leave, sooner or late,
so tell your sidekick how much you love him, before he gets checkmate.

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