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Taylor Fong

Myths Don't Exist

My eyes are wide, my stomach dropped
My throat is dry, my heart has stopped
Where am I? Why am I here?
Can't he tell I'm filled with fear?
Why is he doing this to me?
Why can't he just set me free?
He's got me pinned right to the ground
I'm scared to death, don't make a sound
I'm scared at what he's got in mind
But soon enough I come to find
My pants pulled off, they're on the floor
'Please stop! ' I cry, 'Please, no more! '
He doesn't listen, for he's not done
Hes gotta finish what he's begun
I push him off, but he's too strong
This night was so right, but now it's so wrong
I try not to cry, but my eyes are wet
I try to stay calm, but it's hard not to fret
It's finally done and over with
Why's rape real? Can't it be a myth?

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