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Takara Shigenoi

How the story goes

A smile on your face reflect of the feeling that you need me
Your gaze is saying that you will never leave me
The touch of your hand gave me warmth whenever you touch me
The words that you say truthfully encourage me
Your caress made me feel comfortable
Your sense of humor saying you aren’t mad at all
Whenever I heard news ‘bout you, I always feel my heart beating
And I miss that time
Until I realize your smile is fake
Your gaze lied to me
The word is just a boast
But I miss your caress and your sense of humor
I know it’s not your fault
It’s nobody responsibility to correct
It’s nobody fault if the story end this way
I’ve already know, the story will end like this
And I’m sure you know too
Because you’re the one who makes decisions
But why did you try to grab my heart
But why I still can’t help to stop to listen to your flattery

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