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Taka Zabala

Destiny by Taka Zabala

When destiny call you just be strong
Treasure your friend, enemies and your family;
For they may defend you in what ever you may do.
Do good things and they will be rewarded:
Do bad and bad will return.
Draw your faith and bring it to life
Count your friends whom you could trust
Remove those that you cannot.
But keep them in hand for they may change in time
Take all insults for it may help, choose what is right and leave what is wrong
The light you’ve seen may not yet be the right thing.
Journey far and wide to find the light you’ve been searching for...
Until you’ve found it, hold on to it.
For it may help you change your destiny…
Understand spiritually please…
Tell your destiny that he’s called you wrong for you’ve picked the right thing to hold and bring…

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