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Swachhanda Saarthak

The Day Which Is To Come!

I've been & still, still waiting for the day,
The day, which is to come & be a history!
My dreams are enigmatic, filled with subconscious desires,
Desire, which leads me to the path of fraternity!
I am mistaken, mistaken to be culture-illeterate,
People are not ready to read my mind, I've some impossible belief!
The day is to come, when wisdom will supersed the dead-culture!

I've seen people disregard the strength of hope, strength of unity, which cures diseases fatal,
I've heard people praying to ruthless lords, lords which respond never!
The world is dying of violent rape,
The masters are eager to be slaved,
But still I wait, wait like a fool, with the joy of believing,
Belief that, The day is to come, when we will wander, wander like a free spirit, in the barrierless world of harmony, barrierless world of fraternity!

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