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Stephen Price

Fix this sentence: He put the horse before the cart.

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The Moody Blues 'Arrive' at The Falklands (2003)

When I was young and life was shiny and bright
I'd put on a record and turn out the light
Just to absorb the words that were said
As I lay transfixed on the top of my bed

There were eerie shadows cast into the night
By the little bulb of the stereo light
The fantastic sounds would explode into life
And I'd be gone into heaven without problems and strife

There were many sounds that I liked to play
But one in particular took my breath away
It forged my life with it's wonder and awe
My imagination ran wild, I couldn't believe what I saw

‘To Our Childrens Childrens Children' was the ultimate fuse
An epic created by ‘The Moody Blues'
The creation of life and the mystery of death
Just what is ‘life' like when you've taken your last breath?

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