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Sreeja Tirkey

In Memory of Michael Jackson

(I have tried to pen my husband's feelings when we saw Michael Jackson's wax image in London - his favourite singer - he ran towards it but was shocked to hear the news of MJ's demise.But he was privileged to write his thoughts in the condolence book. I dedicate this poem to MJ on my dear husband Arvind's behalf)

A person whom I always wanted to see
And when I met, whose soul I couldn’t see.
I saw him standing with a mike in hand
Whose immortal songs spread across the land.
I ran to him with ecstasy and joy
Only to know that it’s a momentary joy
Did I hear him telling me
“you are a bit late, for I am not me”.
But I was privileged to pen my thoughts
And he might have seen, for his soul hadn’t crossed.
We stood together and sang a song
Which was my dream forever long.
It was a mixture of pain and pleasure
A touching moment forever I treasure.

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