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Sony Dalia

If not now, when?

Days are warm like friend's wishes
Evenings darker than earlier
A nip in the nightly air enjoyable mostly…
If not in winter when will it be so?

Woolens are there, shawls rap like a beloved's arms,
Keeps one light in spirits -tea, coffee or rum in the mug,
Moonlit nights spread like lovers' aspirations…
If not in winter when will it be so?

Snow fall in Shimla, Chail, Pehalgam, Chamba
Youth around camp fires on slopes,
Twosome chirpy birds in some corner…
If not in winter when will it be so?

Piping hot mirchy, pakoda, samosa, vada,
Chat in street corners, fresh syrupy Jalebis,
Spicy chutneys, tangy achar, roti, pantha…
If not in winter when will we savour most?

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