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Sinethemba Mandyoli

For a Child who Is Not Crying

She weeps not,
Not because she feels no pain,
Not because she has not been humiliated,
But because she feels like she will not be heard.
Her voice will be so hollow so much that her conquerors will victor.

Weep child because you are human,
Your human voice will make you heal.
I heard that they raped you and your soul.
Soulless was their acts of barbarism,
They even had decency to eat after such holocaust.

She will never cry,
Because forensic investigators are raping her now.
Their interrogations are rooted with fear for women.
Women with wombs that reproduce a countless criminals,
With backs that carry these monstrous figures that hear no plea.
Plea falls in deaf ears that are manifested with dirt and cockroaches

If the law cannot be with her only I can empathise with her.

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