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Silent Whisper

Beautiful eyes, Beautiful lies

Sunlight warms my face only in dreams of you
I know you'll wait for's been too long
Beautiful eyes. beautiful lies to dull the pain
Beautiful eyes, beautiful're killing me
I would wait for years just to feel you again
I will die without you...would you my love?
Beautiful eyes, beautiful lies pour from your mouth as
You scream his're killing me
Cries escape your sweet voice as I kiss you one last time
Do you remember me and our beautiful affair?
Look in my eyes and honestly tell me our love is gone!
Why have you turned your back on me?
One day you'll wake up and realize your mistake
Ice runs through my veins as I stand face to face with
The one who stole it all
Compassion is not an option
In love we're one, inseparable, pathetic lust, thus we crumble
I saw your eyes, I wiped your tears, I waited for you...
Who do you see with your eyes shut tight?
Cries escape your sweet voice as I paint my own goodbye

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