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Shiny Star

I Let Go…

Butterfly, butterfly, don’t leave me,
The world is very cruel, so stay with me,
I’ll give all that you need, will be a sister and a friend,
Just stay with me and let our friendship extend.

The Sun you’re in love can burn you into dust,
For the pretty Birds of Prey, you are just a yummy snack.
The beauty of the sky that you see from this ground,
Won’t be what you find once you leave this compound.

You left me once, no, no, twice or thrice,
But flew back to me with your torn wings; your price,
The lessons you learnt, I thought would have taught you something
If you leave me again I know you’ll be reduced to nothing.

Butterfly, butterfly go away…
I never meant to force you to stay…
If leaving me is what you really want,
Here you go… you’re free, you’ll get what you want.

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