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Shikha Gurtu

Mom I Need You

I am far away from you my lovely mom
But that distance makes you more closer.
You are a guide in my life,
A shoulder for me to cry on.
You gave me strength and support
And also a reason to live.
But mom how can you forgot to teach me......
how to survive when no one understands me.
When situations and surroundings around me
Are not in my favor...................And
Proving again and again that i am wrong.
I know mom that you can feel my pain
And also see my eyes full of tears.
Mom it really hurts when someone plays with my sentiments
When every time i have to give explanations that i am not wrong.
I am tired,
Mom even this time too, i need those words
From your side which makes me strong,
Strong enough to fight for my own rights.

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