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Shelby Renee

The Path To My Happiness

To stretch my wings and, far away, fly
To cut these chains and say goodbye
To break the bars of this prison in which im held
To silence the voices that constently yell
To flee with my love and escape Hurt's sting
Oh...what happiness that would bring

To break the door that holds me in
To get rid of the anger and hurt within
To open the lock that secures the chains
To flush out the anger that runs through my veins
To escape those people and they pain that they bring
Oh...what happiness that would bring

So to break the bars and cut the chains
The break down the door and flush out my veins
To silence the voices and escape the pain
Is what it will take for complete happiness to gain
'He' and 'I' will be a 'We' for the rest of life's years to come
Oh...the happiness for us to come. :)

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