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Shay CooneyWilliams

Growin' Up- not edited: written by Me:

So many people countin on me, I do not even know where to start

Gotta maintain a good head, be a good girl, play sports and be smart

Theres so much pressure on me to do right, and right now its not that tough

But im leavin home, gonna be on my own, that could make things a lil rough

Ima be a lil girl, in a grown up world, but little only in size

Im 17 bout to graduate, and thatz a lil hard to realize

Gotta open my eyes and begin to see, that momma will not always take care of me

Im still in school now, but time is passin; and my childhood dayz are everlastin'

But only in my mind, cuz timez have changed, more responsiblites come along wit age.

Not lil thingz like cutting the grass, wakin up early to take out the trash,

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