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Sharon Goodwin

Cuz I'm Black? ? ?

Is it cuz I'm black that you think I'm poor
Is it cuz I'm black that we can't afford
A car, a house, and have a liittle more
Or does stereotypes take over and racism pour
into suburb neighborhoods that are scared of 'us'
Black people that is, where crime is a must
Nigger! Nigger! The #1 word
for white upper class to use as a term
To make us feel low and non educated
To make us feel weak, it so complicated
Nigger this, nigger that, the word is overrated
It was used in Africa, which equal segregation.
Separated us from the whites and so much to tell
That 75% of us is locked in jails
for doing pity stuff that will take our trails
of life we can have to just do right
Go to school Graduate, and get paid right.
Its not cuz I'm black, It's called nigger mentality
That causes us black people to fail so drastically.
Don't get me wrong black is beautiful

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