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Shadow Rai

A, B, C Defenestrate

Allegations out you go!
Bastard Nations also blow
Crime be gone and tossed away
Devil Worship, held to fray
Evil doers best hit hard
Famicide thrown out in shards
Guilt a must to be chucked out
Hatred leave and take the doubt!
Iconolagny? Oh Please! ?
Jurisprudence, sit by me
Killers shoved with all my might
Lactose intolerance, it bites
Malison, you’ll never do!
Narcomancy? The whole night through
Obduracy you’ve caused enough!
Pejorist, yea, the world’s that rough!
Quacksalver, and your P.H.D?
Racism go and set us free!
Stupid is but, what when gone?
Tacenda do carry on

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