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Serwaah Debrah

Happiness And Success

Looking ahead I see happiness and success.
Both related and having a ball.

Hardship and toil the prerequisites to achieve both, starting from preschool we prepare

From a distance they look glorious our final resting place.
Once there we will embrace success but will it be a fading novelty and happiness nowhere in sight

I am still on that road, yet somehow I seem to know the outcome. Success alone will not be my happiness. Yet as if I have been programmed I strive for both.

I know or perhaps I should say I think happiness is contentment in the present, acceptance of the now, staring the journey in the face, accepting the bumps and not losing hope.

It is easy to say but hard to practice. Most of us are in mode of waiting for something to happen, something better.

Each day passing us by like a blur while we prepare for the big pay day.

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