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Sarah Sanchez

Thank You For Making Me Suffer

Thanks for using me up completely, then throwing me away
Thanks for making me cry, those sad tears again
Thanks for pushing me away, when I most needed you
Thanks for ignoring my calls, when I needed to hear your voice
Thanks for not answering my text messages, making me feel ignored and unloved
Thanks for blaming me for shit, I didn’t try to do
Thanks for making me feel worse than what my family made me feel
Thanks for walking out of my life, the real you has now been revealed

Thanks for helping me realize what this life is all about
No one is as nice as they say
No one is as perfect as they look
No one is as real as they claim
No one will stay with you but just walk away

We won’t be protected, just like they promised
Our heart is always in jeopardy
Promises always broken
Heart, once again, inflicted in pain

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