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Sara Messina

Rock Stars

(this is one of my first song i wrote and i hope it lifts your spirits and lets you know everything will be okay, and god loves you no matter what)

She moves to L.A, wants to be sombody
three and a half years later shes still not anbody
she still hoping for a break while she waiting tables
realizing some dreams are fables
frear grows when she knows that shes out of control
throwing up in the bathroom, hoping noby knows
and she fears shes a failure she forgets that god loves her

you tried and you failed hold you head up high
you climbed and you fell hold your head up high
hold your head up hold your head up high
cuz if its not okay to to fall sometimes its not okay to be
if they dont want us its okay honest
it doesnt have to bring me down
let them say we're not big rockstars
its not what we're about
we dont have to be rockstars!

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