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Sandra Kerin Campbell

If I were an animal


If I were an animal I wonder what I’d be,
a roaring proud lion or a busy little bee.

Perhaps I’d be a beautiful mare with a mane thick and wild,
grazing in a field on summer days so mild.

Then I’d have my flirting days in heat when I’m looking for a ride.
Yes that would be neat, strolling through a field with two stallions by my side.

Would I be a donkey belonging to a gypsy selling heather,
making money out of me on Blackpool beach for children’s pleasure,
I’d have nothing to look forward too, up and down all day.
Na, I don’t think I’d like to live my life that way.

I could be a farm animal, like a pig or a chicken,
but then I’d be turned into something finger licking!

Perhaps I’d be a tiger or a chimpanzee,

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