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San Dii

Moment In Time

there was a time i loved your face,
i loved your smile,
i loved your everything
and suddenly my world crashed in million peaces,
i hated your face, i hated your smile,
i hated your everything,
as the time passed i learned to live with it,
learned to see your face,
learned to see you smile,
yet your smile was never the same,
i know there is something missing,
that shadow over your face is something new,
but where is the shine in your eyes i used to see,
i used to love, it is not in your eyes,
that shadow stole it,
that shadow which is all over your face, what is it?
i'd like to know will i ever see a smile i loved,
or was it just a dream, a moment in time i got lost in
, and i never found way out, i tried to find it
but i know now that i'm lost forever in that short moment

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