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Samantha Burnsed

Percieving magic

Magic, Is it real? what is it? Can you trust it? Can you see it?
Is magic a bunny being pulled from a hat?
Is magic a card trick, or is it a cion being pulled from behind a child's ear?
Can magic occur in a puff of smoke, or from a flick of a wand and a bibbity-bobbity-boo?
Is there such a thing as magic, or is it just all smoke and mirrors?

People say Love is magiacal, so does that mean love is magic, or magic is love?

If magic is all tricks and illusion of the mind, then is love real or is it our minds decieving us?
If love is magic, can you trust it, if you can't trust magicians?

Love may not be magic, but true love is the closest thing we can experience to real magic.
Love can be decieving, but where there is true love, there are no smoke, mirrors, or illusions.

If magic makes people happy, and if love is the closest thing we hav to magic, then why dosen't all the world love each other?
If we all spread a little bit of magic, wouldn't the world be a better, happier place to live?
There would be no more wars,
no more need people, and no more need for prisons.
We would all live in peace and harmony.

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