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Rudesindo Montoya

You Are Everywhere

How beautiful it is to trace your footprint,
to feel the strength with which you are getting away from the past
building the present.
Where can be no pain, anguish nor sorrow
there is no pain in your absence
one empty space swept away by a flow of stars
over passing us from a distant universe.
One past between the words
when I evoke your name
I've gone over once and one more time
through the labyrinth of your existence
and I've seen how you move away,
but always reaching me.
There is no pain in your absence
only a space swept away by the time.
We will build a flying carpet of celestial bodies
we'll put together the sun, the moon and the stars.
we will decorate its sides with comets
we'll travel over the black holes and its cracks
and we'll look for God through them.

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