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Ronald Doku

Confessions Before the 'I DO

So many words i wanna say
Yet only few find its way out
Oh God its hard. Funny huh?
No, don't stop, keep smiling
I am gonna say it now, infront of God, the priest, and everyone
And just one look in your eyes
Its all the strength Imma need to tell you this
In my head, I have seen myself scoring goals in a cup final
And imagined playing golf on the moon
But, never in my wildest dream did i ever think
I had the guts to tell you this, right here, right now
But this has been burried in my heart for too long
And it is time it came out, and you heard it as an individual
For after this, we are no longer different people, but one person
I know I don't have the fancy lines of a poet
Or the creativity of an artist
To deeply express the joy my heart feels
But what I do have are eyes that worship every part of your being
And hands that are blessed to touch you
And i know right here, right now

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