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Rohith Ramdas

An Elegy For Life

O worthless life, Au Revoir!
Upon thy alluring alulas, didst I drift.
Stumbling into treacherous quagmires
How tiring the journey was! how bizarre!

O feyly life, how fickle thou art!
Upon cloud nine, ecstatic one day
Down in the doldrums, remorseful the other.
Queer are thy notions!

Amidst the ordeals and chagrin,
Joyous times are delirious dreams.
And all the phantasmagoria,
Desperate enactment of a pre-written script.

And thus drifts on a worthless life
A ravaged catamaran in an elusive ocean
Tossed asunder by the mighty tides of time
Unto the diabolic mouth of a doomed destiny.

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