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Robyn Richards

To The Sky With Love

The Sky symbolizes many things
Freedom, space and the comfort of a heaven
The freedom to be yourself
The space to do what you do
The comfort of a heaven if you believe
And through the Sky shines millions of bright Stars
Stars that may twinkle one night and be gone the next
But there is no Star as significant as the Sun
The Stars of the night are nothing compared to the Sun
From the view of the Earth, even the North Star is nothing
The Sun provides light, heat and the happiness of those on Eartg
You may love the brightest Star, your Evangeline
But eventually you will find the true Star
The Star that lights up your Sky and makes it bright all day
One day you will find your Sun
And your Sun will provide the things you need to survive
Because a Star can only shine her pinpoint of light from a distance
Until she explodes and shows her supernova of colors
And dissapears from your Sky

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