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Robert Villanueva

Poem Analysis

Robert Villanueva
Period EB Gysin

Poem Analysis: “Why Must U Be Unfaithful”

Tupac Shakur always experimented with poetry even when it had nothing to do with music. Many of his poems dealt with women, women’s rights and what they go through. For example, the poem “Why Must U Be Unfaithful.”
This poem’s title is in general, although under it, it says “4 Women.” This certainly pertains to women. But the speaker, Tupac, is speaking towards men. The first line has one word, (1) “Men! ” He talks about how men and their hearts are both selfish and it has no brain. That means it can’t think for itself. He says (7) “..mortal men fall in love.. (8) fast as their face changes.” Meaning they go from girl to girl breaking hearts. He mentions (11) “empty vows and.. (12) ..broken promises.” Towards the end of the poem he explains how (14) “women aren’t perfect but why should a man not be loyal to a woman’s heart is true.” Everyone makes mistakes, but in the end they’re still there for them.
Tupac’s poem seems to be straightforward although in its nooks and crannies, there should be some deep thinking behind the real meaning of the poem. He doesn’t hold anything back and exposes the truth to readers. Whether there’s music or not and if the topic is women or life. Tupac will get things off his chest and still be artistic and intelligent about it.

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