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Rita Alyson Petts

Fairy Wings

There's a fairy sitting by the pool making fairy wings. from gossamer
and spider webs and silk worm's silk and things.
In summer-time they have a ball; the elves and gnomes come one and all.
The music's played in trumpet flowers; the ball goes on for hours and hours. As dawn begins to break and people start to rise,
the fairies clear their tables for they are very wise.
They know NOT to leave things around to show folk where they dwell.
For maybe curious folk will want to live with them as well.
But fairy-land is fairy-land and humans can't intrude.
For THEY are known to be polite and some of US are rude.
Don't go in search of fairies. Don't cause these ones to grieve.
Let's not disturb their habitat. Be humble and believe.
We've all seen sparkling cobwebs and flowers of every hue
The sweet, sweet honey nettle and buttercups filled with dew.
Remember there are fairies running all around, but sure enough not
one of them ever has been found.
Let your imagination, the wonder of make-believe, take you to a wonderland grown-ups have had to leave.
So if you should see cobwebs, sparkling dew and fairy rings
Remember that somewhere close by they're making fairy wings.

Rita Alyson Petts

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