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Revvy Aina

Walked In The Sight Of Pain


A young boy chased by the rage of pain
After being christen by the drops of rain
And bestowed a plague of pain at night while dozing away
He woke up with a sharp pain to his brain
Praying it would go but a family vacation he decided to reside in his brain
Trying to discern what lead to such pain and ache
Trying to retrace his steps to the foundation of the pain
But kept chasing to misleading places, which felt like an endless race
So he cried out loud like everyother child in pain
Calling unto his name but there seem to be no service
So he decided to go for church service
Saying maybe where two or more are gathered
The pain would leave like it never came but the fairytale he hoped for never came
So like every other believer he started to lose faith in his name
Just like the grief of being compelled to gamble yet no gain.

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