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Reteika Cotton

W. C. Traylor

June 22,1925 On that day a blessing was born
June 28,2006 It flew away and left me torn
But being sad and angry: Why bother?
When you were called to be home with our Heavenly Father
After our final 'I Love You' I watched you drive away
And I'll never forget that day
It was the last time I had seen you alive
And since that day For the best is what I have strived
I didn't know you would leave so soon
It seemed as if it was as quick as the sun becomes the moon
I felt as if I was lost without a clue
Then five years later I met someone and he's almost another you
I wonder if you sent him to me
To fill my heart eternaly
I miss you more every single day
So with nothing more left to say
My final words would be
I love you Granddad and Rest in Peace

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