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Ranock Saing

Class Of 2008

I used to laugh, I used to cry
sometimes I would just wonder why
I enjoyed my childhood days
but the happiness would just fade away
I remembered the walks in the hall
our endless conversations and our late night calls
I remembered how we first met
a hundred million other things I'll never forget
As years go by, we grow and grow
we'll keep learning, the more we'll know
we've been taught so much since we've been together
but those days will soon be over
I'd laugh at my English teacher for the making the kissing sound
in Math class, it seemed to go on forever, I'd always frown
In history, we'd always chit chat and failed the tests
Drama class, finally something, I could do best
Physics seemed to numb my head
it always made me go to bed
in P.E. I learned to drive
But one day, I got into an accident and never thought I'd survive

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