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Frisk Myself! (vol.2)

I beg you for nothing else,
Than alleviating pain of myself,
Plonk to me my thefted cheer,
The plight, the mirage, and jaded tears,
Jib my feelings the unhealed,
Jilt my love the unhealed,
Not a jot of care,
Neither deal nor the dear,
Tear my heart by tormenting,
And frisk for feelings from enhancing,
Might you get the definition,
Of the teased heart of affection,
And keep the blood touching your soul,
May you get the lyric of the whole,
That's not blood but the lurid blood,
Which will make wallow you in the mud,
But do not aloof my hearted dear,
Back the heart I will be there,
Please, think and alley my grief,
Can't you do for me the brief!

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