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Rachel Williams

Pride Cometh Before the Fall

Humility was discussing Pride with Heart:
Heart had decided Pride was a great asset.
Discretion chimed in with a hearty disagreement,
“You roll in the pit with this swine! ”
Humility was being denied his rightful place.
Prudence, the brother of Discretion,
Had been outlawed throughout the land
As soon as Pride convinced Heart
That it was he who should take Prudence’s place.
Mistrust had been bound and gagged while he attempted to speak his piece
But Ignorance was allowed to stay.
Knowledge and Experience tried to warn Heart
But he could not see as Pride blocked his view,
Keeping Heart’s attention for his plan.
Now there was only one thing left to do.
Superstition was led to the far reaches of the dwelling
All the while crying out the time old saying,
“Pride cometh before the fall, ” but no one could hear it.
“Ah, ” Pride sighed with relief, “peace and quiet at last! ”
Unbeknownst, there was a rebellious force rising

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