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Piscine Kipling

Some Girl

She's just some ordinary girl with a pretty face
Some beauty I don't know and someone I exaggerate
She's a muse to me, pictures of her inspire my poems
I write about her life and its something I don't know

I stare at her, and she stares back, I know but she doesn't
And its feels empty, a picture can't be loved or loving
My desires for her are what draws me to ponder about her
Words of romance fill my void and I am lonely no longer

Maybe its just natural, to desire for the beautiful
But something in the way she looks makes my mind full
Of thoughts of us somewhere, loving life, we are in bliss
In a state of happiness with her nothing will be missed

A pen and paper is all that I need to convey to her
My thoughts of her, I hope one day she reads these words
And we'll be in love as reality is written from my mind
Romance between me and her, my fantasies become my life

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My Memories of Then

I remember moments far back in the deepness of my mind
Of past times, of you and me and a life that has been
I remember thoughts I use to have all throughout the night
When my world was about you, one that I have always knew
I remember knowing how you were the part that made me whole
The wings on my back now unusable, that let me flew
I remember then, why I no longer wanted the world's gold
Because I had you, making me feel like I'm important
I remember the days passing so quickly, now lost forever
That defined my youth, and the man that was forming
I remember those words always said and never stuttered
About the love we shared, the duality intertwining
I remember the clouds, the weather that was above us
The cold days in warmth, on a big bed we were lying
I remember the end, the memories now covered with dust
But everything I know about you is still perfectly fine
I still remember your face, and all that we've said and seen
How it came to be, and how it came to pass is all in my mind

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Critical Life

We live in a transparent world with covered eyes and visions veiled
Our self-respect and dignity sold for a job, our lives are sealed
Go to school for years so you can work the dayshift until your lunchtime meal
And when Mr. President comes around your already on the ground in a kneel

Drive from the big city, bustling with life to identical suburban homes
Gotta do this day in day out because your materialism put you on a loan
Say Hi to your neighbour, and hoping he feels jealous of what you own
Nothing ever changes for you, your much too afraid of what's unknown

Wife and kids and you think your living the good life, the American Dream
Running thoughts that make you confident against your shrinking self-esteem
Turn on the evening news and catch the six o'clock's depressing themes
Thinking everyone's got it bad cause their not in God's graceful gleam

Take a vacation, see the poverty run rampant, but enjoy the sunshine
Vote liberal gotta help everything, vote conservatives lifes always unkind

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