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Pearl Michell

I New But I Did It Any Way

there are no words too say how i fell about you but i will try when we frist met i new that i would fall in love then we fall in i new that you would wanna get married then you did i new it wasnt gonna work but you sayd it wiil i new you were gonna ask me to marrie you and you did i sayd its not gonna work you sayd it will i new you were gonna do something to hurt me and you did you mad so much pain it still hurts like a burn that wont go away i new not to take you back but i did i new you would do it again and you did you sayd never again but you lied you cheated you hurt me again we broke up again i new you was gonna make me cry and you do all the time i want you back but i know that it wont work but i dont care i wanna try or i will die i miss you like crazy all i can say is lets make it not work again i know she can't love you like me i know she cant give you what i can she cant make you happy like me but if you dont love me anymore then i dont want too but i will say goobye i love forever and ever goodbye

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