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Paula Tugas

To dance in love's flame

Where to start?
How do I begin to put my thoughts into words?
I feel, ache, long for… I hide inside

I long to let it out, shout it out… sing my heart out… dance
Would all this articulation be in vain?
Would it be worth my while?

I would love to give… but would my offering be futile?
Would it be rejected?
Would I be scorned?
Worse & painfully, would I be ignored?

All these wondrous gifts… all yours for the taking
Genuine fervor… mind blowing intentions desiring to be unveiled
Wanting to be given, dying to reach out, to nurture, and to heal
This love in the open hand, it remains hindered… ‘tis a paradox

What response is at hand?
Is it worth discerning?

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